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Sales Management Training Solutions

Every project we undertake is different. But perhaps some of the questions we're most frequently asked to address will strike a chord with you:



"Our sales teams aren't closing enough orders. Where are we going wrong?"

Customer Service

"We're seeing too much churn. How can we improve service levels and reduce the number of customers leaving us?"


"How do we create leaders who don't just develop strategy, but implement it effectively and execute specific goals within it?"

Strategic Account Management

"How can we develop key client relationships, to become a trusted partner rather than just a service provider?"


"Why can't our managers stay focused on creating a high performance environment for their teams?"

Strategy Implementation

"We have a clear strategy, but we're struggling to make it connect with day-to-day execution. Why?"

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How do you manage the difficult star performer?

19th November 2014

As a Captain or Coach, one chief responsibility is guiding the team to meet goals, be it winning the game, reaching the summit or crossing the finish line. However, is it possible in a high-pressure sports situation to guide some individuals to shine whilst maintaining team cohesion?

The typical example of this would be the mollycoddled ‘star player’ who chooses to go for ...