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About Us

Gazing Performance Systems is an international business currently working with clients in over 60 countries to deliver sustainable improvements in performance.

The beginning

In 1998, a psychiatrist (Ceri Evans) and a sales manager (John Esposito) started talking about the relationship between business and sport and realised that there was much common ground. The more they talked, the more they realised that their skills were complementary. They decided to involve another experienced business person (Martin Fairn) and a graphic designer (Renzie Hanham). Business, academia and creativity came together, with sport as the glue, and new insights into developing people to perform under pressure were put into practice and Gazing Performance Systems was formed.

A distinctive approach

We initially focused on sales and sales management training but from the outset had a very distinctive approach, reflecting the very different perspectives and professional backgrounds of its founding directors – who brought to Gazing experience in fields as diverse as forensic psychiatry and international sport.

Gazing goes global

By 2002/03, we were moving into the international arena, through a network of carefully chosen partners, and starting to focus on the development and delivery of systems to optimise performance under pressure.

Extending our reach

From sales, we extended our offering to cover other key business functions, developing leadership and management programmes. And more recently, we've moved into the sporting arena, making our expertise in performance under pressure available to individual athletes, teams and coaches.

Improving international delivery

In 2011, we further improved our ability to deliver programmes internationally by restructuring our business. To this end, we formed Gazing Performance Systems Enterprise Business Limited, whose main function is to support global Enterprise projects with the support of Gazing Performance Systems International Partners Ltd, our wide and fast-growing Partner Network.

Please view our Director profiles:-

Ceri Evans

John Esposito

Martin Fairn

Renzie Hanham

Bede Brosnahan