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Customer Services Training

"We're seeing too much churn. How can we improve service levels and reduce the number of customers leaving us?"

For those responsible for delivering first class customer service, the pressure never lets up. Because they live with the knowledge that if their standards should ever slip, a previously satisfied customer could very soon be heading for the door. In many cases, though, they lack clarity about how to prevent that happening . . .

Seeing service from the customer's viewpoint, with Gazing

The Gazing Inside Customer Service System is based on the recognition that customer service is all about perception: not what happens in any given situation, but how the customer feels about it.

With Gazing, service teams learn how to "locate" where customers are on the service journey, and what's likely to be going on inside their heads - transforming their ability to make customers feel valued and understood.

The bigger picture: using service to grow your business

We don't just focus our efforts on those in the frontline of customer service. Gazing's distinctive approach is based on a clear understanding of the wider issues facing businesses:

  • Outstanding customer service can play a crucial part in delivering growth, both through increased customer spending and recommendations
  • A clearly defined and well executed customer service strategy can only be sustained when it's understood and integrated at every level

What our clients say...

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Customer service coourses with added insight . . . let's talk

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