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Gazing in Business

Since Gazing started in 1998, we've worked mainly in the business arena, helping companies of all sizes to achieve measurable and sustainable improvements in performance.

Today, around the world, we're working with hundreds of businesses, transforming the ability of individuals, teams and entire organisations to deliver their best when the pressure is on.

Among our clients, a few of the better known names include Xerox, Experian and Rentokil.

In business the pressure is always on

Our work, and the value we add, is based on the belief that the pressure to perform is present in every workplace, every day. It can take many forms, such as

  • Making an important sales call
  • Chairing a difficult meeting
  • Taking up a new leadership role
  • Dealing with an irate customer
  • Handling an under-performing employee

In all these situations, and many others, the common thread is this: pressure can have a negative effect on performance . . . or it can actually help people raise their game, if they know how to manage it.

Improved performance: a systematic approach

At Gazing, we've developed a systematic approach to improving performance capability by focusing on each of the different factors that can contribute to the success or failure of a particular task or business function.

Each project is different; but typically, our work with clients falls into three phases:

  1. Discovery: we start with a detailed assessment of critical current strengths and gaps in capability, at an organisational and individual level.
  2. Development and delivery: based on what we learn, we then adapt, develop and deliver our performance system, introducing its key principles and practical tools through training workshops.
  3. Ongoing implementation: we provide online support and field coaching, plus continuous assessment and feedback, to ensure performance and pressure continues to improve.

Contact us now to find out more about Gazing Performance Systems in business, and how we can help your people deliver their best when it really counts.