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Gazing in Sport

At Gazing Performance Systems, sport is in our blood. Among our directors, we number a former international footballer, as well as top level performers in rugby and martial arts. So for us, side-stepping from business into the sporting arena was an entirely natural progression.

Since 2001, we've worked with many individual athletes, teams, coaches and sporting bodies, helping them understand the crucial importance of good mental preparation, in order to perform to their full potential in pressure situations.

Among our better known clients in the sporting world, we're proud to have worked with The New Zealand All Blacks, the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and London Irish.

Performing under pressure - the mark of a winner

Anyone who has ever competed in any sport, at any level, knows how much pressure can affect performance. Put simply, while most of us struggle to cope with it, winners turn it to their advantage - digging deep and producing their best when there's most at stake.

At Gazing we've proved that, far from being an inborn talent, the ability to perform under the most extreme pressure can be learnt by any committed athlete or team.

Our Inside Sports Performance system makes it easy to understand:

  • Where pressure comes from
  • How to avoid being overwhelmed or distracted by it
  • How to stay "on task" and make the right decisions, even in the toughest must-win situations

Mapping the path to improved performance

As with our corporate clients, Gazing's unique performance maps play a key role in our work with athletes and teams.

On a single page, a Gazing map sets a series of interventions that provide a clear and simple focus for attention - enabling individuals to identify both the foundations and the specific actions required to improve their performance on an ongoing basis.

Whatever the immediate challenge - from a team going through a transitional period, to an athlete competing in a big event - the Gazing process will unlock the full potential of the individual or team. It will provide a clear focus on the necessary skills and both the platform and skills - working with real life examples - to create change and generate forward movement.

Course deliverables include:

  • A one page map clearly setting out the key components of human performance
  • A clear framework for athletes and teams to "locate" themselves, in terms of performance
  • A clear description of the critical components, in the form of a "Performance Beam"
  • Guidance on the human factors crucial for high performance and a framework for dealing effectively with issues and "hot spots"
  • A common language, providing a platform for maintaining performance in the face of adversity
  • A range of practical tools for developing the building blocks of high performance and addressing issues which inhibit individual and team performance

Contact us now to find out more about Gazing Performance Systems in sport, and how we can help athletes or teams maximise their potential.