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Treating the causes of disengagement, not just the symptoms

30th May 2017
Your employees are often the face of your business, meeting with customers, liaising with suppliers and making strategic sales and marketing decisions. What happens though, if those employees are disengaged from your business? According to a recent study only 25% of the UK workforce feel actively engaged in their job.

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The pressure on our children - are parents part of the problem?

26th April 2017

Consuming modern media is practically all-encompassing; it’s hard to disconnect from news, events or even the goings-on in other people’s lives. For children, social media arguably gives them a much greater understanding than any other generation but it could also allow them to access information they’d not usually encounter until adulthood – and one other potential drawback is how ‘success’ is promoted on social networks.

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Six Nations: Was the expectation on England Rugby too much?

22nd March 2017

England’s Six Nations loss to Ireland last weekend has come under so much scrutiny in the press you’d be forgiven for forgetting that they’d won the RBS 6 Nations title for the second year in a row! Of course, this game wasn’t just about the 2017 Championship, as a lot of the focus and hype prior to the game related to hopes of a Grand Slam and a world record.

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England’s Six Nations success shows the importance of quickly adapting to change

24th February 2017

We’re close to the mid-point of the RBS Six Nations and England are looking strong. With two wins under their belt, they’re in a position of strength with much talk of another ‘Grand Slam’. However, their journey here hasn’t been plain sailing and the strength of their performance is a testament to their mental resilience and their ability to adapt to change.

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Developing the most effective leaders of the future

31st January 2017

Being a leader in today’s world is seemingly much more complicated than it ever has been in the past. Modern leaders are expected to lead three entirely different generations of people, deal with unexpected challenges such as emerging technology, understand a dizzying array of complex issues and at the same time, maintain some very thick skin.

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