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Strategic Sales Training

"Our sales teams aren't closing enough orders. Where are we going wrong?"

For us at Gazing, the clue is in the question. Even in so called strategic sales training, too much emphasis is on closing the deal. In our view when salespeople struggle to perform, it's nearly always because their focus is wrong. Put simply, they're thinking about their own priorities - getting the deal done, meeting their targets - rather than the customer's.

Moving to customer-focused selling, with Gazing

The Gazing Mindset Sales System transforms the way salespeople think - helping them understand how customers reach a decision to buy, and what they can do to influence this process.

In short, we take them from an approach that's all about "product push" to one based on responding to "customer pull".

The bigger picture: creating a high performance sales culture

At Gazing, we specialise in changing the way individuals think about the challenges they face. But we also take the wider view and based on long experience, we understand the pressure you face:

  • You need to improve sales performance in terms of size, number and frequency of sales opportunities - fast
  • You need to look beyond short term sales uplift, to build a new high performance sales culture, led and coached by your sales managers

No less important, we understand the positive role that effectively applied pressure will play in enabling you to create a high performing sales culture.

What our clients say...

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