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Strategic Account Management Training

"How can we develop key client relationships, to become a trusted partner rather than just a service provider?"

When sales teams are under pressure to deliver immediate results, it's very hard to focus on building high quality long term relationships. And conventional approaches to strategic account management rarely help, because they are nearly always too complex and time-consuming to be implemented effectively.

Trust Gazing to help you build trust

In contrast, the Gazing Inside Strategic Account Management System provides a simple and highly practical short-cut to "customer intimacy".

Based around a single page map, it's easy to implement throughout your organisation - giving you a clear route to follow in order to build mutually beneficial long term relationships with clients, and showing exactly how strategy links to execution the ground.  

The bigger picture: account management that gives you the edge

In terms of your organisation's wider objectives, what do you stand to gain from working with Gazing? We'll deliver a more strategically focused approach to account management that will:

  • Make a difference from day one - balancing the burden of introducing a new system with quick wins
  • Help maintain the intensity of your sales teams - motivating them to look beyond short term targets
  • Give you a real competitive advantage - by enabling you to understand and respond proactively to your customers' longer term objectives and priorities

What our clients say...

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Account Management training that builds sales . . . let's talk

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can help you start building more profitable customer relationships.