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"The current economic climate has sharpened the focus on the performance of teams, individuals and the processes that support them. ARM decided to partner with Gazing after an extensive examination of the market place. Gazing work with us from the senior team through sales and marketing to the applications engineers. Their philosophy of performance under pressure is crucial to helping us maintain our leadership position in our traditional markets and is key to helping us develop the strategies that will see us engage in the new markets we are uncovering. In these challenging times, it’s never been more important to be good at what Gazing do."
Sam Robinson
Global Sales Training Manager
"As a Training Company ourselves, return on investment is paramount in our thinking. Our investment in Gazing has already paid for itself and, as we go forward, I would expect it to pay for itself many times over."
Net G
"The Gazing methodology aligns itself with the way customers make purchasing decisions in today's economy. The emphasis around understanding what the customer’s key drivers are has allowed us to focus more on consultative selling and less on transactional selling. Our business proposals are more aligned to solving the customer’s specific needs and wants. This has resulted in an increase of our sales and more importantly, a larger annualized value per sale. Since implementing the Gazing system we have seen a year-on-year sales increase of 5.8%. We are in the third year of our partnership with Gazing and we continue to see improvement.."
Jeff Mariola
Divisional Managing Director
Ambius is a Rentokil Initial plc company
“The Gazing Sales training system provides our internal sales force with all the tools they need to sell in the ever more competitive world of international express shipping. It provides flexibility, without sacrificing structure, and encourages investigation, interaction and listening skills. The gazing model has been integral to the development of our sales team and I am sure will continue to serve us well into the future.”
Tracy Parker
Supervisor of Telesales U.K.
United Parcel Service
“The techniques that we learnt from Gazing form the backbone to our department. The team believe in it and use it everyday. It has had a significant impact on the performance of the team, not only in terms of sales, where the numbers have gone up, but the team feels less stressed too”.
Ian Roberts
Head of Avis Sales Direct
“The task we set at Gazing was to increase revenue of our most profitable product from 27% of sales to an ambitious 40%. Never in our wildest dreams did we foresee the leap to a staggering 81% almost overnight, a mark where it has remained constant for the past 6 months.”
Mike Kaye
Managing Director
1st Contact Group
“The Gazing training received the best feedback I have seen for any sales training we have undertaken. The big bonus was that, unlike the previous training, the entire sales force started to use it straight away. This produced some quick wins of quality sales which were well above the average deal size. In this respect the training paid for itself. Longer term we have seen a marked improvement in the overall performance of the sales team and their understanding of the sales process. While the model is flexible the underpinning structure enables everybody to quickly assess where they are with a sale and what needs to be done next.”
Colin Tait
Net G
“The power of introducing a detailed, systematic, yet flexible, structure for the interactive selling process has been a significant contributor to the performance of my team. The team now relates to the interactive selling process with a common language and a greater understanding of ‘what to do’ in competitive situations under pressure. The Gazing model has meaningfully raised the level of competency within the team.”
Dawn King
Sales Director
International and Wholesale Services
AT&T Communications (UK) Ltd
" How refreshing! Gazing has uniquely managed to combine effective solution sales training for all levels of salesperson; to re-define our sales processes and has instantly become part of the sales culture within our organisation. For the sales manager this structure allows effective coaching during the sales appointment without taking the control and ownership of the appointment from the salesperson. Will our original objectives be met? No problem!"
Steve Mackervoy
Sales Manager
Universal Office Automation Ltd.
"As a Training Company ourselves, return on investment is paramount in our thinking. Our investment in Gazing has already paid for itself and, as we go forward, I would expect it to pay for itself many times over."
Colin Bell
Sales & Professional Services Director
Net G
“Gazing provided us with a framework which clearly highlights the components required to develop a high performing team. The initial programme and follow up sessions are presented in a format which forces us to focus on the clarity of our team's purpose. When combined with an understanding of the effects of pressure, this work has helped us to strive for 'superior performance’ in times of almost incessant change.”
Stephen Cronin
Managing Director Xerox UK Ltd
“Gazing’s Human Performance model has definitely empowered my team and has had significant impact on our performance. It has allowed us all to keep a healthy perspective and drive our attention onto the most important things for our business. Copies of the model are on everyone’s desk and because the concepts are so relevant and sensible they have been integrated into our working processes.”
Mike Kaye
Managing Director
1st Contact Group
"At Teligent we have used Gazing's Human Performance Model to align our people and our processes to the activities that really make a difference to our business performance. Our objectives are clear and measurable, the Model is simple and workable. Increasing performance under the pressure of today's marketplace is necessary for survival -Gazing's Model gives you a chance ! "
Mark Pilgrim
Managing Director
Teligent UK
"The feedback from those who were on the programme of both the SAM training and your delivery and facilitation has been excellent and your contribution to the implementation of the Gazing Maps in Xerox Emirates is a significant factor in the results we are seeing."
Andrew Hurt
Sales Operations Manager
Xerox Emirates
26th August 2003
“CRM has real relevance in MoD's procurement business, both to the new DERA and to the MoD as a perspective customer. Gazing’s CRM was a fantastically informative course, run by professional and highly competent tutors. I would recommend it to all DERA customers and particularly IPTs looking to understand and manage their commercial relationships"
Squadron Leader Gavin Bateman (I Eng AMRAeS)
Royal Airforce
"The Gazing Workshops provide a very practical and stimulating introduction to both the theory and practice of CRM. The emphasis on tackling real issues means that in a reverse of "on the job training" some of the Future Systems Technology workshops have provided answers to current problems. The simple, but rigorous model that Gazing has developed for QinetiQ CRM provides the focus of the workshops and enables participants to leave with a user-friendly tool that will stand them in good stead in their CRM role."
Bill Tyack
Client Relationship Manager
Future Systems Technology