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A Beginner’s Mind – are you still open to the concept of learning?

After a month full of tense play-offs in rugby and football, and a full line up of golf, tennis and cricket taking place this summer, it’s always an engaging topic of conversation to discuss the top performers and how they attain - and then retain – the winning edge. What is it that keeps them at the peak of their game? Here at Gazing, we believe that a key component of elite performance is having a beginner’s mind.

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One year on…has the Manchester United Pressure Trap Changed?

Just under one year on from when the world was buzzing with the news of Sir Alex Ferguson’s resignation and the appointment of Everton Football Club’s David Moyes to Manchester United FC, here we are again talking about the MUFC manager. I recall with interest the points I made in last year’s blog regarding our fears about the dramatic shift in levels of scrutiny and expectation that Moyes would come under (which you can read http://www.gazing.com/gazing-performance-systems-blog/football-club-pressure). Of course, hindsight is a great thing but it’s fair to say that the ‘Man U pressure trap’ was just that. It wasn’t possible to escape the scrutiny of a 24/7 fish bowl and let’s be honest, the job has subsequently become seen as the poisoned chalice, or the impossible job. However you prefer to describe it, it’s been a tough situation for anyone to deal with.

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The under-resourcing syndrome

Is this the prevalent barrier to making frontline managers true enablers of performance? 

If you ask business leaders or managers in most organisations, they have the common goal of wanting to create a high-performing business environment that is delivering against its strategic targets. It is certainly one of the most common conversations I have with businesses – how to ensure this is delivered. But identifying the needs of the key individuals capable of delivering this ‘performance’ is often not on their agenda; it certainly isn’t seen as a key component to create this environment. What continues to intrigue me is how so often, the least well-resourced and supported people in their business are the most critical enablers of performance - it’s what we call ‘the under-resourcing syndrome’….

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Have preparation plans hit the spot for the Six Nations pressure points?

With the Six Nations well under way now, it’s an opportune time to review the tournament to date. With a 20-0 defeat to England, I can say with fair certainty that the Scottish squad is feeling the pressure after this weekend’s results. Tommy Seymour is claiming that his team’s first two performances are not a fair reflection and that the squad is a better side that the results show to date. Is this perspective myth or reality, and whatever my personal opinion, what is key here is what they do from this position, essentially how they move forward.

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Already the pressure has kicked off for the Six Nations

With the Six Nations having kicked off this weekend, all the losing teams – including England – are already facing incredible pressure. We’re hoping that the pressure of international competition will serve as a catalyst for them to deliver outstanding performance over the coming weeks.  However we don’t have to look far (just think about the recent Ashes) to know that the world of elite sport is littered with examples of individuals or teams seemingly crumbling or choking in the face of enormous pressure. What does this result in – individuals and/or teams that deliver significantly below par. This year’s Six Nations, I am sure, will contain examples of both effects of pressure. So where does that pressure come from and what can they do to reduce the risk of negative impact on their performance?

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Deliberate Practice and High Performance – is this the Holy Grail? 

I read with interest an article published earlier this month by Phil Rosenzweig (read here).  Its overall focus was looking at the technique he calls ‘deliberate practice’ and its role in improving performance. As explained, the premise behind ‘deliberate practice’ is not only about investing time in practicing but looking at how this process of skills acquisition requires feedback, adjustment, practice – again and again – to ensure it isn’t just about experience but also about expertise. Everyone agrees the concept of ‘practice’ is generally a good thing to improve performance, be it in golf, music or drama, in fact (any domain that requires developed skills to deliver any level of performance.

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Going from red to blue

'The Ashes are lost! 'Their brains are scrambled,' according to Geoff Boycott, as one of the most rapid performance turnarounds in recent sporting history is completed in Australia. Again, the question is posed about how apparent world class sportsmen or sporting teams can appear to fall so quickly from their expected level of performance? And once again the demon appears to be that unquantifiable abstract concept called 'pressure'!

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Xerox, women and business

I was recently invited to attend the 25th Annual International Women’s conference which took place last month in New Year. Over 500 women in business attended this event; I was invited due to my long-standing relationship with Xerox and the work we have carried out as part of the company’s transformation process – all focused on performing under pressure.

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The five life lessons from the All Blacks – can they help you?

There’s a new book just out called Five Life Lessons from the All Blacks, written by James Kerr. James has written an article this month in the Daily Telegraph with some key highlights; you can read this article here. One of our founding members, Ceri Evans, was involved in one of the main sections of the book as a result of his work with the All Blacks – lesson 4 in the book. With a background in forensic science, Ceri is an expert in understanding how the brain works under pressure. He helped the team apply techniques to not only perform well under pressure but in fact, to excel under pressure, avoiding the common challenge of ‘choking under pressure’. This methodology – developed by the team here at Gazing - is called ‘Keeping a blue head’…..

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Gazing celebrates its 15th birthday…

22nd October 2013 - Some exciting facts from our anniversary month alone:

  • From a global reach perspective, we are delivering sales training in over 11 locations - UK, USA, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, Holland, Spain, Dubai and Sweden.
  • This covers 33 different workshops and training sessions over 104 days (by different Gazing trainers of course!).
  • This training is being delivered to 500 delegates across these locations.
  • To ensure local delivery, the training is communicated in six languages, dependent on location: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese & Mandarin
  • These delegates come from five different companies we are currently working with this month - OpenText, Xerox, Logitech, SKYIQ and VOCUS.

Finally, we’ve clocked up the amount of miles travelled by the team, a staggering 91,374 miles in total

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