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How can you ensure sales training works? Here are three tips from Gazing…

As a business leader myself, the first question that I always want to know the answer to is this: why should I care? Whatever I am being told about, I want to know how it is going to impact me and my business, both as an organisation and the people within. When it comes to sales training, it’s exactly the same. Business leaders and sales leaders simply want to know the benefits. I have now refined this answer – having been asked it so many times – and usually respond: Whatever size of business you work in, be it 10 employees or 1000, the most aligned you are to your customers, the more effective your sales will be which will drive business growth. This means sales training needs to align itself with the customer, it needs to be practical and it needs to work in the real-world. Sounds simple, doesn’t it….

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Customer satisfaction reaches great heights….

We’re passionate about ensuring that customers are at the heart of our training, coaching and leadership sessions, so we’re especially delighted to announce the results of our independent customer survey. We’ve introduced the Net Promoter Score methodology to measure customer loyalty, customer engagement, and future business growth. The full press release is below for you to read. I’m very proud of the fact that 80% percent of our customers are ‘promoters’ of our work, having awarded the company a nine or ten out of ten during their training sessions with our company.

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Shiny new toy syndrome….

I’ve now less than five months until my annual rant will start.  I am, perhaps surprisingly, already talking about Christmas and the regular conversations we have in our house about Christmas present lists and do the children really need more (shiny and new) toys, when they have plenty that they don’t play with already, packed in cupboards, under beds. What is sadly unsurprising to me is the regular conversations we have with businesses, especially HR departments, who are investing considerable budgets in (shiny and new) different training methods and techniques because they felt their existing training just didn’t deliver.

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The long term development of skills, especially around ‘mindset’

From Andy Murray’s triumph at Wimbledon, the Tour de France cyclists through to the current roller coaster ride of the Ashes and the Open 2013, elite sport is high on the agenda. There’s been a lot of conversation about the development of the long-term plan to ensure these elite sportspeople get to and then stay at the peak of their game. Andy Murray referred to working on his ‘mental game’ which was demonstrated time and again during the spectacular final. Then consider this weekend’s disappointing showing from Rory McIroy who’s being very vocal about ‘his head not being in the right place’ and the problem being ‘mental not technical’.

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Can you let go of expectation?

I was interested to hear recently about the ‘impact of Lendl’ that Andy Murray’s been talking about. One remark really struck home which was ‘letting go of expectation’. It was all about how Lendl has helped Murray come to terms with the fact that he might never win Wimbledon. It’s a mute point now of course, but intriguing to consider how big a part this may have played in his recent triumph.

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How pressure intensifies when playing to the home crowd

Seeing Andy Murray win at Queens last weekend was a delight for every Brit – we’ve all waiting so long to have a world class British tennis player and yet it is still a surprise when he performs consistently well. No doubt we’ll all turn our attention to Wimbledon next week wondering if this will be the year that he’ll finally take victory at our very own Grand Slam tournament.  What is it about the pressure that kicks in especially hard when a British player – or anyone sportsperson in fact – plays at home in front of their own crowd?

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Our future roadmap – making sure training takes effect in everyday pressured life

How do we increase the likelihood of training taking effect in everyday life? It’s the question that bugs every business using training to instigate a change. It is certainly the question we get asked most regularly – when people get back to the office, how do we ensure they embrace the skills they have learnt? How can we get them to change the way we operate and make that change become the new way we do business? When you think about the pressure everyone faces in day-to-day life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and simply revert back to old habits. It’s no wonder training is often perceived to fail in what it tries to achieve – a change in behaviour to achieve a certain outcome – because change by its very nature requires effort – it requires learning a new technique and then practising it until it becomes the norm.

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Confidence versus belief – what can we learn from our top performers?

After a weekend packed with tense play-offs in rugby and football, and more nail biting golf, tennis and cricket action lined up for the summer, we often find ourselves discussing with friends and colleagues, how these top performers develop such highly focused levels of confidence and belief.

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The Manchester United FC Pressure Trap…

The world is buzzing with the news of Sir Alex Ferguson’s resignation and the appointment of Everton Football Club’s David Moyes to Manchester United FC. Everyone seems to be in agreement that on the face of it, it looks like a smart appointment. Moyes has done a really good job at Goodison Park over the last few years and has achieved this success with limited resources. I guess it’s fair to say that as an organisation that helps individuals perform well under pressure, we’re intrigued to see how this plays out given the premise that most people seem to believe that he’ll do an even better job with Manchester United FC as there will be a wealth of resources at his disposal.

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Is complexity taking a stranglehold of your sales effort?

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at a global annual sales kickoff conference for Quadriga, the hospitality industry’s leading integrator of network applications and in-room entertainment systems.

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