Fact for the month: Gazing have providing training programmes in over 60 countries giving us a significant amount of experience in a variety of domains.

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Our Unique Approach

One-Page Maps and Tools

We provide digital one-page maps© and tools adapted and delivered online, virtually, or face-to-face, for individuals and teams.

Maps provide the common language for teams, and the direction and clarity required for individuals to perform under pressure. By presenting clearly accessible detail whilst maintaining a clear overview, Gazing maps describe core skills in a way that makes them easy to remember, plan, execute, and review.

The maps and tools approach is immediately usable in scenario and live application either at work, at school, at home, in medicine, the military, or sport.


red to blue©

Since Gazing was founded in 1998, the company’s lean, focussed approach has produced spectacular results for a broad range of clients across the world of business, sport, and education.

Helping people learn and improve fundamental mental skills under pressure, Gazing’s Red head / Blue head© approach, which is included as part of all our specific skills programmes, is incisive and easy to understand. With unhelpful complexity firmly off the agenda, Gazing’s tried and tested formula has helped people in the boardroom, the classroom, and the sports field, stay on task and perform to the highest level.


Red To Blue Image

"The techniques that we learnt from Gazing form the backbone to our department. The team believe in it and use it everyday. It has had a significant impact on the performance of the team, not only in terms of sales, where the numbers have gone up, but the team feels less stressed too".
Ian Roberts, Head of Avis Sales Direct, AVIS

“Gazing gives us a concise structure that we can always go back to; something we can refer to, in good times or when things are a little more difficult. In a multicultural business, the Gazing approach is invaluable because it gives us a common language, a shared understanding”
Andy Hurt, General Manager, Xerox Emirates

“The Gazing training our leadership team just completed is fantastic. By far the most relevant sales management training I have done”
Sales Director, OpenText

"My job as coach is not just to make them better at passing and tackling - as rugby players - but better people too. The red to blue training brought about a series of tactics which can transcend sport, it has given the boys a common-sense way of approaching things, whether they’re on the pitch, in an exam or just going about their everyday lives.”
Jim Kottler Richmond Rugby Club

"Gazing performance provided me with a simple set of tools that helped and continues to help me perform under pressure. Knowing what I can control in any given situation combined with situational planning and the control of attention to produce the right mind set has resulted in continued improvement in performance both in my professional and personal life.”
Dan Pollen, Teacher

"At Teligent we have used Gazing’s human performance model to align our people and our processes to the activities that really make a difference to our business performance. Our objectives are clear and measurable. The model is simple and workable”
Mark Pilgrim Managing Director, Teligent