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Sales and Customer Service Training
Developing the process, skills and mindset to
drive predictable customer outcomes

A programme of assessment, training and coaching for frontline sales or service teams.

The context and concepts introduced focus on all the critical basic selling and service skills, but are centred on a simple, clear understanding of how customers build perceptions, form long-term relationships, and make decisions to buy.

“Pay360 is a technology business offering a wide range of solutions across many different vertical markets in a highly complex payments industry. To support our growth ambitions we have hired great people across our sales, marketing and product teams and need this talent to be able to clearly communicate how we help our customers achieve their business objectives through our great products.  Importantly, given the complexity and variety of our product offering and the markets we serve, we need to simplify how we talk about the great things we do and communicate the value we deliver even when we are in pressure situations. The structure that the Gazing sales methodology delivers has enabled Pay360 to achieve these goals quicker, leading to a reduction in time to revenue and helping Pay360 to achieve its growth ambitions this year.
Olly Brough, Business Development Director, Pay360

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