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Selling is a skill that can be taught; where better to start than in education…..

Last week we ran a sales team training session at a Times Educational Supplement (TES) Conference for over sixty of its telesales staff.  Selling enhanced value over the telephone is the epitome of performance under pressure in the sales environment; you have literally seconds to connect with your client, ensure their needs are met, secure a deal and meet your targets.

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Visualise the idea of unhelpful thoughts to avoid the red side……

Congratulations to Nick Compton - scoring his maiden test century this weekend in New Zealand under immense pressure of expectation, scrutiny from coaches and media, and the possible consequences of failure being the end of his test career.

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High levels of stress – do you crack under the pressure or does it drive you to great performance?

Recent research reported on HRZone suggests high levels of stress are prevalent throughout the workplace, here in the UK. This is no surprise to us as we spend so much of our time working with organisations to help them recognise the effects of pressure and equip their employees with specific skills to cope with that pressure.  Stress and pressure combined are an interesting workplace issue because for some people, it has the ability to drive them to achieve great things and deliver their very best performance by excelling under pressure while for others it can severely hamper performance.

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‘World Class Basics’ can help leaders lead their organisations through a crisis….

To what extent are the recent and ongoing food standards issues down to a breakdown in simple basic controls and processes? Nothing amazing needed, just the execution of stated basic processes? Shamelessly stolen from the world of elite sport, the term ‘world class basics’ can actually provide a practical and achievable platform upon which leaders of small and large businesses alike can build their response to the challenges and pressure they face in today’s economic climate.

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Six Nations – the pressure is on at every level

I imagine each of the Six Nations squads will now be chomping at the bit to get started this weekend! Much is made in the media about ‘the pressure of international competition’ but in fact many athletes and teams will point to the ‘expectation and associated pressure around an event or match actually serving as a catalyst for them to deliver outstanding performance’.  Witness some of the amazing examples of performance in the summer Olympics and you can see how that is likely to be true. However the world of elite sport is also littered with examples of individuals or teams seemingly crumbling or choking in the face of enormous pressure and delivering a significantly below par performance. This year’s Six Nations, I am sure, will contain examples of both effects of pressure. So where does that pressure come from and what can they do to reduce the risk of negative impact on their performance?

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Today's Australian Open and Andy Murray - getting prepared for the 'what ifs'

It’s an exciting period for men’s tennis at the moment. As Andy Murray plays Roger Federer today (right now in fact) in the semi-finals of the Australian Open, I can’t help thinking about the hours and hours he will have spent focusing on some world-class basics to get to the top of his game; learning core skills and techniques followed by the constant repetition of training to make sure these skills are honed to perfection, when it really matters. Whether he beats Federer today or not, it’s fair to say his meteoric rise and sustained success has been impressive – he has achieved a level of consistency in his tennis that has helped to make him a Grand Slam winner – in spite of the pressure he has been under.

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Bad days do exist in the real world, it’s the way we deal with them that counts

This Monday, 21st January 2013, is ‘Blue Monday’ – this signifies the bluest day of the year, which allegedly falls on the Monday of the last full week of January. January can be a tough month, with the lull after the festive period and summer holidays feeling far away. But of all the days in the year, next Monday is meant to be the worst; the one day you’re almost guaranteed to wake up and find the effort to focus and perform just too much.

I wonder what the cost of this is to business?  Can you afford to have a bad day, more so in the current climate? If you’re an Olympic athlete, where the critical race is often all over in a matter of minutes, maybe not, but is a work situation different? Will one day really matter? And just how much does your mindset on that day matter?

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International or local, turnaround or growth - two sides of the same coin?

We’ve carried out many performance coaching and change management projects which have an international dimension, either at a European level or on a global basis, so I read with great interest the recent findings of the Alium Annual Interim Survey....

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To make a difference in 2013, coaching will be key

David Fairhurst, chief people officer for Macdonalds, Europe, recently wrote in the Huffington Post: “Workplace training shouldn't be a 'nice to do.’ It has to be a 'must do’,” while talking about the skills that are needed to help our economy to grow out of recession and nurture talent to the benefit of all.  I agree entirely with David’s sentiments but with that also comes the increased risk of wasted money...

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BBC Sports Personality of the Year – looking behind the glory of last night’s event

Last night’s awards ceremony was a suitably spectacular occasion marking the achievements of the best of British sportsmanship in 2012. What a year for Britain and I send ­huge congratulations to Bradley Wiggins, Jessica Ennis and Andy Murray for topping the nominations list – I’d also like to add tribute to those other nine showcased last night. All of these sportspeople are at the pinnacle of their success and the event marked how the elements have come together for them and British sport in 2012.

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"Gazing remains some of the best training I have ever received throughout my career and life would have been very different if I hadn't attended the inaugural week-long course at Wokefield Park all those years ago."
Mark Ash

“Gazing training not only helped me from a professional standpoint but also changed the way I think in general.”
Rob Phillip

“Gazing Strategic Account Management remains the best course I have attended.”
Janice Durham

"Martin, congratulations on 20 years of Gazing that is part of my success since 2003.”
Ronald Souto

"Martin, thank you for bringing out the best in me. You've influenced my career for the better.”
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